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2018 Volunteer Application

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Help us spread the word! Please let us know if your employer has a matching gifts program for volunteer hours or cash donations. Also, take a moment to reach out to anyone in your circle of family, friends, and co-workers who might be interested in partnering with Hearts & Horses as a volunteer, a donor, or a rider.
In the Event of an Emergency, Hearts & Horses should Contact:
Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement:
I understand that all information (written and verbal) regarding participants at Hearts & Horses is confidential and will not be shared with anyone without the written consent of the participants and, in the case of a minor, their parent/guardian. This includes unauthorized release of photo images, video or other content. I may become aware of confidential information about specific participants and I agree not to disclose confidential participant information (including photos-see Photo Policy).

Background Information:
Hearts & Horses reserves the right to require a background check on any current or interested volunteers. Due to the vulnerable nature of the individuals we often work with, we are committed to providing the safest environment possible. Hearts & Horses will contact you directly in order to conduct a background check. Please answer the following:
I authorize Hearts & Horses to receive information from any law enforcement agency, including police departments and sheriff's departments, of the state or any other state or federal government, to the extent permitted by state and federal law, pertaining to any convictions I may have had for violations or state or federal criminal laws, including but not limited to convictions for crimes committed upon children. I understand that such access is for the purpose of considering my application as a volunteer and that I expressly DO NOT authorize Hearts & Horses Therapeutic Riding Center, it's directors, offices, employees, or other volunteers to disseminate this information in any way to any other individuals, groups, organizations, or corporations.

Photo Policy:
Photographs and video (including via cell phone) are prohibited at Hearts & Horses unless given permission from a program staff member at the time photos/video are being taken. If permission is granted, personal photographs and videos are not to be used for commercial purposes. The Hearts & Horses blanket policy has been implemented to protect the privacy and rights of all participants. Thank you for strictly adhering to this policy.

Horse Experience Survey:
*Very Helpful in Barn Team; Required to Horse Lead in Classes
Volunteer Code of Ethics:
Statement of Intent
The purpose of the Hearts & Horses Code of Ethics is to provide volunteers with an ethical and responsible framework from which to serve. Volunteers at Hearts & Horses must be committed to maintaining an ethical organization. This includes all aspects of the organization: the services, organizational structure, and all communication among the volunteers, staff, clients, public and board.

As a Volunteer, I Will:
  1. Listen carefully to Hearts & Horses staff members.
  2. Respect my fellow volunteers.
  3. Respect and support the decisions of staff and board members in regard to the success of the program.
  4. Keep well informed of developments and policies relevant to my volunteer responsibilities and Hearts & Horses policies.
  5. Participate actively in volunteer training and assist other volunteers as they join Hearts & Horses.
  6. Bring to the attention of the Volunteer Coordinator or Executive Director any issues that I believe will have an adverse effect on the organization or those we serve.
  7. Help curtail any negative conversations or rumors.
  8. Positively represent Hearts & Horses in the community.
  9. Consider myself having ownership of the organization and do my best to ensure that it is well maintained – keeping safety and quality in mind.
  10. Always strive to learn how to be a more effective volunteer.
As a Volunteer, I will not:

1. Criticize fellow volunteers and staff members or their opinions.
2. Use the organization for my personal advantage or the advantage of my friends or relatives.
3. Discuss confidential issues with anyone not involved with those issues.
4. Interfere with the duties of staff members or undermine their authority.

All volunteers share the responsibility of maintaining the Code of Ethics. This responsibility may include direct one-on-one communication with the person involved in discussion privately; at a larger meeting; or speaking to a staff member. Where repeated attempts have been made to rectify a volunteer’s non-compliance with the Code of Ethics, or where severe violation of the Code of Ethics has occurred, prompt action will be taken to remove or suspend the individual.

As a Hearts & Horses volunteer, I agree to adhere to and to be responsible for maintaining the above Code of Ethics.

Age Limits:
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