Hearts and Horses for Heroes

“Appreciating the power of the horse to change lives is our goal,” said PATH Intl. Past President Dr. Paul Spiers, “and PATH Intl. wants to provide positive change for these very special lives. Our service personnel have fought to preserve our freedom, and, for many, at a very dear cost. We must be certain that if our wounded service personnel and veterans need and want this kind of help, they will get the best PATH Intl. has to offer.” 

Hearts & Horses held a pilot program in the Fall of 2008 with veterans traveling from the Cheyenne VA Hospital. We have identified that there is a significant need for this program serving service personnel in our Loveland-Fort Collins-Greeley area and have started again serving our post-9/11 veterans in our new program that began in August of 2012.

For further information please contact Veterans Program Coordinator, Michele Kane, at 970-663-4200 or michele@heartsandhorses.org