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Our Supporters

As a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, financial support is paramount to our ability to serve riders with special needs. We are grateful for the support we have received from the local community in time, talent, monetary, and material donations.

The names listed represent monetary and in-kind donations of $250.

Andrew Kudick
Bekktech, LLC
Bill & Elizabeth Markham/ M& M Farms
Bob Huff and Janet Robbins
Carol Thomas-Looper
Chad McWhinney
Dave McClain, H DC
Darrin Shaffner
Dave McClaine, DC, DIP, TCM
Dennis Melichar
Diane & Kevin Foley
Digitalglobe, Inc
Donald & Patricia Edwards
Duane Miller in honor of wife Kathleen
Dr. Kevin Haussler
Dr. Sue Dillon, DO, CEMT
Earl & Sandra Gjelde
Early Mustang  Club, Inc
Front Range Ready Mix
Home State Bank
Imperial Drilling Fluids
JD Downs Horseshoeing
Jen Wright
Johnson's Corner/Chauncey & Chirsty Taylor
Jon & Susanne Stephens
Kathy Moore
Kay J. Gillespie
Ken & Kathy Coulson
Kevin Haussler, D V M, D C, Ph D
Krista Blew
Kroll Factual Data
Lois Kroh Estate
Loveland Ready Mix
Michelle Groat
Lucky Three Ranch/Meredith Hodges
Norman Merritt
Northern Colorado Mustang Club
Oleo Acres Farrier Supply/ Chrisiti & Robert Michel
Rebecca Boster
Richard Zellerbach
Rick & Karen Parks
Rick's Farrier Sevice/ Rick Binger
Ridge Valley Alpca Ranch/ Carl & Ann Bradbury
Ron Sweetin
Roger & Ann Bates
The Lobue Family
The Pollema Family
The Tess Evans Charitable Foundation
Thomas & Jann Theilgaard
Thomas Sutherland
Todd & Lisa Neiberger
Walter Eberspacher
Wayne & Fran Phipps
Wizard Security
WM & Arlene Howe